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Scars by Bullying was created for every scream for help that was never heard, every tear caused by harmful actions, and every soul who feels alone with what they are dealing with.

Bullying is more then skin-deep; it affects you for life. It's been proven that victims of bullying are prone to having PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.) The constant fighting and harassment of peers damages confidence and self-esteem for years or even a lifetime.

We feel that not enough people know this; they are unaware of how much damage it causes to our youth, thus causing more damage to our society.

We are tired of hearing about young adults committing suicide because no one ever stopped the abuse that was witnessed everyday. Those people could have been saved.

So this group is for all of you who have ever been harassed daily, considered suicide as an alternative, or felt as if you were truly alone.

If you are, or know anyone who is, being bullied emotionally, physically, or mentally - contact this group for support. Support Starts Here.
Founded 5 Years ago
Apr 4, 2010


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1,417 Members
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This is probably going to be pretty basic, considering we're an anti-bullying group, and so everything I'll say will be basically redundant in itself...But oh well, I'll post them anyways.

:bulletred:No reckless or merciless flaming of other's works. No one deserves to have their work bashed simply because someone else didn't like it. Give constructive criticism, not merciless bashing. It's useless to everyone involved.
:bulletorange:Respect the admin. Whatever we say goes. No 'ifs,' 'ands,' or 'buts.' There will be no exceptions to breakages in the rules unless they were accidental.
:bulletyellow:Submit only material related to the group's focus. Obviously we don't want anything Naruto or Adam Lambert-related submitted to the group, no matter how much we may love them.
:bulletgreen:Submit deviations to the correct folder. We admin are lazy; therefore, we do not want to waste all of our time putting deviations in the correct folder simply because other people are lazy. Manage yourselves effectively and we won't have a problem.
:bulletblue:No explicit content. In other words, no naked people or anything like that. This group isn't focused around anything sexually-oriented, and so obviously we don't want anything along those lines in our gallery.
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Hi guys.

So, I just wanted to share some of my personal favorite music videos that relate to bullying. None of these are in any particular order though. Please comment your favorite(s) if I've missed any :)

1. Knives and Pens by Black Veil Brides…
When you hear the song itself, there aren't really any lyrics that talk about the pain of bullying. However, music doesn't have to have this, because Black Veil Brides made an amazing video following a guy who was singled out and mocked for being different and not being afraid to show who he is. I can personally relate to guy and what he had to face every day, and I'm sure thousands of other BVB fans do too.

2. Waking the Demon by Bullet For My Valentine…
Another song that doesn't suggest issues with bullying, but has an amazing music video portraying the same issue. The story is a little different from "Knives and Pens" as it takes more of a fantasy/supernatural ending, but during the four minute video, it follows a group of guys beating on an outcast, and his plan for revenge.

3. Make it stop (September's Children) by Rise Against…
Both the song and the video mainly focus on LGBT bullying and follows three different teenagers who struggle with intense bullying after coming out. They are bullied to the point of nearly taking their own lives, but in the end, remain strong and live great lives after high school. The song itself talk about how they simply wish for it to stop, but that they must brave the cruel and bitter storm, and that no matter what happens, they'll plan to go on living. A happy ending indeed.

4. Bully by Shinedown…
Although the music video isn't as visually interesting as the others mentioned above, the song itself has simple yet meaningful lyrics about the pain and suffering we go through when we are bullied and the harsh reality of the effects of bullying (e.g. "Make another joke while they hang another rope") The video may not be as inspirational, the song itself holds a great message.

5. Roses for the dead by Funeral For A Friend…
Although you only see the victim's bullies for the first few seconds of the video, it is strongly suggested throughout the rest of the video that the boy is going to commit suicide. It shows smalls clips from his earlier childhood and his mother going through these memories in his bedroom after her son ends his life. It's very tragic and unfortunately doesn't have a happy ending like Rise Against's video, but rather shows the bitter outcome when a victim is pushed too far.

6. Mean by Taylor Swift…
I may not be a big fan of Taylor Swift (although "22" is a guilty pleasure), but in both the video and the song, she brings a much more positive message about bullying, singing about how she'll have a wonderful life one day, and all the bullies will simply be nothing more than mean. It takes a very positive look on bullying, both in the song and the video.

Well, that's all I have, but please suggest more if you have any :) Thanks!
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Death-Dealer123 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist i am the founder of end bullying world wide and i was hoping that u could help me by spreading my idea about ending bullying world wide. have a great day 
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Hi all. I am currently working for someone who is part of a non profit foundation that is trying to help spread awareness about bullying. The current goal is to spread their mascot's image and hopefully make him the face of anti bullying. His name is Billy the Bull, and it would be a great help if you could support him by liking his page:… and following him on Twitter at @AntiBullyMascot. His twitter is brand new, so followers and support would really help him out. Thanks and be strong! I know from experience that it will get better :)
Qaoss Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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